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<p><strong>What:</strong>&nbsp;Student art show, pajama story time, refreshments<br /> <strong>When:&nbsp;</strong>February 8, 2018<br /> <strong>Where:&nbsp;</strong>Preston-Royal Barnes &amp; Noble</p>
<p><strong>What:</strong>&nbsp; Our annual fundraising gala<br /> <strong>When:</strong>&nbsp; March 3, 2018<br /> <strong>Where:&nbsp;</strong> The Clubs of Prestonwood</p>
<p><strong>What:</strong>&nbsp; Meet the teachers, tour the school, and enjoy coffee and refreshments.&nbsp;Open house for grandparents and special friends.<br /> <strong>When:</strong>&nbsp; April 4, 2018<br /> <strong>Where:</strong>&nbsp; Northaven Co-op</p>
Latest News
Jan 15th
<p>Schedule a personal tour and see for yourself what makes the Co-op such a rich, rewarding and nurturing place for your child, and for your family as a whole.</p> <p>The Co-op is unlike any other preschool in Dallas.&nbsp; Our unique combination of stimulating, play-based curriculum, wonderful facilities, experienced and loving teachers along with the opportunity to be an active part of your child&rsquo;s first school experience makes the Co-op a truly special place.</p> <p>We would love to welcome you into our school community for 2018-2019.&nbsp; Come visit us soon, places are limited.</p>
Jan 15th
<p>Enrollment for the 2018-1019 school year will open to the general public in mid-February 2018.</p>
Structure of the Co-op
<p>The management and administration of Northaven Co-op is performed by the Co-op Board.&nbsp; The Board is made up of parents, Co-op staff, and church representatives.&nbsp; Board meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month.&nbsp; Parents may attend.</p> <p>One board member is designated from each class to communicate between parents and the Board by answering parent questions, polling parent opinion when requested, conveying messages, welcoming new families, as well as transmitting parent concerns, questions, and ideas to the board.</p> <p><font color="#21a839" size="4">2017-2018&nbsp;Board Members </font></p> <p>President &ndash;&nbsp; Anna Adamo</p> <p>Past President &ndash;&nbsp; Carol Satterfield</p> <p>President Elect &ndash;&nbsp; Dana Fisher</p> <p>Secretary &ndash;&nbsp; Amy Mills</p> <p>Treasurer &ndash;&nbsp; Talia Brinkman</p> <p>Personnel &ndash;&nbsp; Valini Plunk</p> <p>Parent Services &ndash;&nbsp; Lesley Mears</p> <p>Marketing &ndash;&nbsp; Chi Nguyen</p> <p>Fundraising &ndash;&nbsp; Sarah Kaushik</p> <p>Director &ndash;&nbsp; Jennifer Hofmann</p> <p>The following positions are filled by Northaven United Methodist Church:</p> <p>Church Liason &ndash;</p> <p>Church Member-at-large &ndash;</p> <p>Church Minister Liason &ndash;&nbsp; Mahlon Hight</p>
Our Mission

To nurture the development of the whole child and provide parents with the opportunity to participate directly in the education of their young children.

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